Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Fiddlesticks' symphony

Inside Heinz Hall, very ornate interior

 So, my Johnny, planned a fun-filled day in Pittsburgh for us on Saturday.  It began with a mid-morning symphony.  I thought this a little strange to have a symphonic concert at 11am, but didn't think much of it.  I was just excited to go to the 'big city' and listen to classical music.  We left at 9:30 and made it just in time.  As we were walking to Heinz Hall, I kept seeing so a lot of children.  I thought "Isn't that nice all these families are out today on this beautiful summer day."  However, they were all heading to Heinz Hall.  As we entered, there were children everywhere to see the symphony---John had purchased tickets to the 'Fiddlesticks' Family Symphony. 
I proceeded to laugh and laugh and laugh, for almost 5 minutes regarding our hilarious situation.  We received several odd looks from people, probably wondering where our children were- at that moment I wanted to adopt one of the children walking around just to make the situation less awkward.  However, we found our seats and proceeded to 'sing-along' with Fiddlesticks the Feline, create a thunderstorm with our hands, and sing 'Take me out to the Ball Game,' with the Pittsburgh Pirates mascot.  Several classical pieces were performed as well initiating the summer season.  All-in-all John and I had a wonderful time and neither of us were bored in the slightest.

After the symphony, we grabbed our pre-packed picnic and headed to a park in the heart of Pittsburgh.  There had been a race that morning, so it was a perfect people-watching attraction.  We sat on a hillside and watched the variety of people pass by while eating our chicken salad and bagels.  I must say picnics create a sense of calm and we really were enjoying ourselves.  We just laid in the grass and talked.  I love summer because everyone seems more happy.

Last, BUT certainly not least we had to go to Rita's.  Rita's is certain happiness.  We were just going to put the address into the Garmin when I looked up and Rita's was before me-it was fate.  We both enjoyed a mouth-watering gelati.  A gelati entails a layered dessert consisting of custard-icy-custard.  I appeased my taste buds with a juicy-pear flavored gelati, a LARGE of course.  John was content with his mango-flavored small gelati.  A perfect ending to a very perfect day with my Johnny in Pittsburgh.


  1. Katie, this cracked me up so hard. So cool you're out here too!

  2. I laughed so hard when I read this; totally something we would have time you can borrow Luke. Glad you had fun : )

  3. I am THRILLED you now know the joy of Rita's. It truly is fabulous. I miss your face.

  4. Wish all your 15 nieces and nephews could have been with you. us too! Love you, Marmee and Papa