Sunday, April 14, 2013

The last few months...

Where to start....sorry it has been a while.  I am almost 34 weeks pregnant.  Johnny and I can't believe we are so close to becoming parents.  We are feeling very excited and slightly nervous.  Currently, we are having a difficult time deciding on names, but we do have six weeks to figure it out:)
To pass the time while Johnny is diligently studying, I have been taking a cake decorating class.

We started with decorating cookies and slowly moved up to cakes.  I chose to put a hamburger on one of my cakes which my teacher thought funny.  I can't wait until our little girl is here to make her birthday cakes.

Our ward here in Morgantown is extremely fun!  We get together quite often because few of us has family out east.  Our last event was an 80's dance party.  We all learned the 'Footloose' dance and performed it.  And of course dressed up 80's!  I had most of my attire except for the crimper, I had to borrow that from a co-worker.  John successfully cut off a pair of jeans and wore his favorite hooded shirt.

Lastly, my amazing husband is finishing up his second year of medical school.
At the end of second year WVU does a 'white coat ceremony.'   It entails several professional speakers, robing the med students in their white coats, and a delicious luncheon.  It is a ceremony to celebrate moving on from class to the clinical portion of becoming a doctor.  Johnny has a couple more tests during his second year, but will be moving onto rotations in the hospital. 

I am so glad to be married to my Johnny!  He is going to be an excellent doctor.  He has really good med school friends as well.

Danny and John
Brock and John