Monday, June 4, 2012

Columbus, I go!

Over the long Memorial Day weekend, my Johnny was going to be studying his hardest to complete his final class of his first year of med school.  I had Friday and Monday off of work, therefore to Columbus, OH, I went.  I stayed with one of the funnest, happiest, coolest women alive Jill Mangum (previously known as Jill Gill).  We had experience several adventures in Provo, mostly biking.  So, of course, we had to go on a bike ride.  We rode all along the gorgeous rail trail and OSU campus.  Jill and I ate ice cream, walked a lot, ventured out to a bbq and a Memorial day breakfast together.

 On Sunday we roamed the delightful streets of Columbus.  Here, Jill is showing me the large trees which line many of the streets of Columbus.  Columbus is very similar to Morgantown, no sidewalks, but different in that the roads are wider. 

After remembering good times as anatomy TA's together, it was time for me to leave.  I will never forget the wonderful weekend I spent in Columbus with Jill.  Nor, the spectacular pecan cheesecake Jill's mother-in-law created (it honestly riveled The Cheesecake Factory).  I gave my Jill Gill a big hug good-bye and started the 3 hour drive home- I had missed my Johnny.  Actually, the first night away from him, I could not fall asleep and finally text him at 2 my delight he could not sleep either.  We missed each other!

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