Sunday, May 6, 2012

'Time-out' for women

I got to travel to Harrisburg, PA with four other delightful ladies.  We arrived, went shopping, ate Jimmy Johns, and enjoyed an uplifting evening of talks and violin music.  Jenny Oaks Long played an array of music from Disney classics.  She played other music as well including one of my favorites, 'Amazing Grace.'
You all know my love for ice cream and there is no better ice cream, or should I say water-ice, than RITAS!  If you have yet to sample it, is it worth the drive/flight/swim to the east coast to devour it.  I can not put into words the love I have of this custard-smoothie goodness.  Besides the custard, Monte Carlo pizza looked a little on the dirty side, but the veggie pizza was a gift to my taste buds.  Kristen Meeker and I could only discuss the deliciousness of the pizza for the next hour- a definite bonus to the trip.  And of course there was the yummy treats along the way.
RITA-A PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH! Kristen and I displaying our happy faces at getting our favorite dessert.

Monte Carlo pizzaria, so so so good!
 Saturday was filled with inspiration.  The Spirit is a powerful tool and in a room full of crying woman, it can not help but be felt.  There was one talk in particular regarding charity which I loved.  Charity is an action, but she also be an inherent part of who we are.  It should be a solution to our problems.  All in all, 'time out for woman' was a smashing hit and I got to know the four lovely 'sisters' much better!
The lovely ladies I had the chance to spend the weekend with, but most of all I missed my Johnny!  It was our first night apart.


  1. Katie!!! I went to this too in Albuquerque. It was awesome!!! Love you!!

  2. so glad you are having fun! Marmee