Sunday, August 5, 2012

Journey out WEST!

Johnny and I had been looking forward to seeing our families back in the great state of Utah for sometime.  Thursday morning around 3am we had a chance to catch a ride with the Turner's to the Pittsburgh airport.  My sister picked us up and she and I were off for a day full of pampering.  John went golfing with his parents.
That night we went to our favorite restaurant of all time...Cafe Rio and then off course to the delicious Nielson's Frozen Custard.

The day was a special Squires family temple day then straight up to the cabin.  We rode four-wheelers and motorcyles.  Then of course shot a lot of guns.  Friday evening my wonderful mother had a small family devotional where everyone who went on their mission told a little bit about it-I learned a lot!

We had a family competition of dart-throwing and ping-pong.  Mama Squires also made her infamous barbequed chicken!

That Sunday, I had the opportunity to watch my little nephew Emmett get blessed.  We then went to Lizzy's house for a delicious Sunday dinner.  It was wonderful to be with my sisters.

The entire next week was BEACH TIME at Carlsbad, CA.  The Lattins picked us up from my parents home and off we were to the SLC airport once again.

We arrived in sunny San Diego and drove to Carlsbad to the Beach Terrace Inn to meet up with all the other Lattin siblings and families.

We spent the next five days playing in the waves, sitting on the beach and chatting, eating delicious food and having inspiring evening devotionals.

Josh digging a sand pit

Every other year the Lattin family gets a huge family picture.  John and I were warming up for the pictures by taking a couple of our own.

The picture to the left is my nephew Andrew.  I have never met someone with so much personality!
It was extremely fun to get to chat with everyone and get to know my Johnny's family much much better!  I can't wait until the next Lattin beach trip in 2014!

Saturday we journeyed home to Salt Lake.  We then had the chance to spend two more days with my family full of shopping, going out to eat, and playing my parents favorite card game 'Hand and Foot.'  I love the West, but love the opportunity to live in the East...."country road, take me home!"