Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fourth of July!

John and I began the day rock climbing with a couple friends up at Cooper's Rock.  We were both a little rusty, but had a great time.  Next, was the ward activity.  It started off as a BBQ and was supposed to consist of the Olympic Games, but ended up a huge water balloon fight.  We then were invited to an evening with the wonderful Cena family which consisted of delicious steak, corn on the cob, and a very American dessert- a Fourth of July trifle.  We topped the day off with fireworks at the Waterfront-it was a very busy, but fun day!

DC and Liese times TWO!

Johnny and I again made the three hour drive to our nation's capital-Washington DC!  We left Friday evening after I had finished work.  As we began our travel, the wind was blowing quite heavily (later we heard up to 50 mph).  Morgantown seemed to have several areas without power as we headed to the highway.  Once we were on the 68 E, all seemed I fell asleep.  I awoke to Johnny off-roading, thank goodness for a Subaru.  All along the George Washington Memorial Parkway were fallen trees.  John kept having to veer off the road and travel around the fallen debree.   It was actually quite exciting!  I felt as though I was in the Nintendo game called 'Frogger.'  We were dodging trees, cars, and trying to see through the down pour.  Eventually, we made it to DC about an hour later than scheduled and stayed the first night with our good friend Mike Lemon.
The next morning we went on a bike ride towards Mt. Vernon and found several more fallen trees.

Along our path we had the chance to see the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial...John looks just like him, don't you think?

Liese, me, Lisa
The main reason for our trip was so I could visit my dear friend Liese Lou!  She is currently living in New York and had yet to see DC.  Our initial plan was to go to the temple and then eat Cafe Rio for lunch...but the power outage made none of that possible.  However, we still drove out to the DC temple and Liese was able to see the brillant whiteness and golden spires of the temple.  Of course, Liese and I caught up and discussed mutual friends from BYU 
That evening, I got to spend dinner with another one of my amazing friends, also called Lisa.  Lisa and I began our days together at 'Carden Memorial.'  Lisa took John, Mike and I to a delicious Thai food restaurant in Alexandria.  The boys jumped out of the car and made reservations while Lisa and I searched for a parking spot.  Afterwards, I wanted to introduce Lisa to Rita (Rita's ice cream that is), but it was also closed....this weekend seemed to be a disaster...we needed ice cream badly.  So, to the grocery store we went, then back to Lisa's where Liese met up with us.
Allison, me, Lisa
The next morning Liese Lou took the bus back to NYC, I was sad to see her go.  John and I ventured to church with Lisa, then had a snack and headed back to Morgantown.  Surprisingly enough, one of Lisa's good friends, Allison Brinkerhoff, was also a good friend of mine from BYU....small world and being from BYU and a Mormon makes it that much smaller.


Sam and Gavin

the boys

The great thing about being in med school and living about a 3-days journey from home is the great friends you make.  Basically, your friends become your family.  We had the chance to babysit the Weed children, and the two boys, Sam and Gavin absolutely adored John.  They kind of liked me, but Johnny was their favorite.  We will really miss them!
Making funny faces with the Tippetts and Weed children!