Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snow, snow, snow

We made our semi-annual trip out to Utah.  I had the good fortune of getting about 2 weeks off of work and Johnny had a good three weeks off of school, so we were able to have a lovely visit with the family. 
John was overwhelmingly excited because of the large amounts of snow falling in the Salt Lake Valley.  The day after we arrived he was doing some back-country skiing with his brothers.  I spent the day with the Squires girls-making cookies and shopping for maternity clothes.  Saturday, I had breakfast with high school friends then headed down with Pete and Gena to our old stomping grounds in Provo.  Gena had planned a night of fun snow-shoeing, eating good food, playing the Christmas chimes and ping-pong at Aspen Grove.  Sadly, that same day Grammy Lattin passed away.  We had the good fortune to be able to attend a lovely funeral for her while in Utah.  I must admit, I have only ever attended two funerals in my lifetime.  The first one was of my Grandma Mack (my mothers mom).  Grammy's funeral was just how I pictured a funeral being.  It was full of family, full of love, and full of sweet memories regarding a wonderful person.  It is amazing the legacy she is leaving behind full of son's, a daughter, grandson's, granddaughter's, and many more to come, mostly named Dave, Dan or John:)
Marmee and I
James and Lindsey
Baby Jackson and I

Christmas Eve day was spent with my family.  We played tennis, ate a large breakfast and spent quality time together.  That evening we enjoyed a scrumptious Christmas Eve dinner and talked about the meaning Christ birth.  Christmas morning was spent with James, Lindsey, Mary, Aubrey, David, Gena, Pete, Aiden, Jackson, Marmee and Papa.  That afternoon we took a quick cross-country ski trip to a park close to Marmee and Papa's.  The weather was a sunny winter wonderland.  The baby kept fluttering about, so I am convinced the baby is going to love to ski.
Christmas afternoon, John and I made our way over to the Squires home.  Mom had prepared a flurry of food from delicious Honey-baked turkey to her famous candied carrots.  Dad was the Christmas elf and handed out all sorts of good gifts.  Dave gave me a new climbing harness and Sarah gave Johnny some new ski bindings.  I had been sewing a baby quilt for Sarah.  It will be perfect for the arrival of baby Ester in March.

 I had some quality time with my little nephew Kent, who is obsessed with balls and trains at the moment.
Kent and I
Pregnant sisters

I received plenty of useful
pregnancy advice from my sister Sarah.  She is about 11 weeks ahead of me and always trying to help.

After the gifts and a delicious lunch, games were next on the agenda. 

It is so great to live in wild and wonderful West Virginia because when I come home to Utah and get to see family, they really mean so much more to me.  Each time I come home, I just realize how much quality time and uplifting conversations matter to me. 

John and I had a lovely visit with friends as well.  And of course things were not complete without a family snowshoe day up Guardsman Pass.  Again, I think the baby loves the snow.  Each time I skied, walked, or played in the snow, the baby became very excited.

A highlight of my trip was a surprise baby shower by the Lattin ladies.  I was anticipating an afternoon of crafts, headed by Gena, but when I arrived at the clubhouse balloons and baby gifts greeted me.  I received several useful items and advice on what it is going to be like as a mother.  I am excited to meet this little one.  The connection I have felt to his/her sweet Spirit is overwhelming.  Johnny and I can't wait to find out the sex on Wednesday!  Anyways, Utah was a needed break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives in West Virginia.  I am so grateful for the my beautiful family and the many memorable experiences we had to end the year 2012.