Sunday, December 9, 2012

Parents come to visit!

My lovely parents came to visit us on Halloween.  It may have not been the best timing because hurricane Sandy had just hit New York a couple days before and the aftermath in West Virginia was severe cold and snow.  I was hoping the beautiful east coast fall would still be around, but hurricane Sandy blew away any remaining autumn color.  However, we still found many fun things to do.
Halloween night we all went to dinner, then Johnny had to study so I stayed up until around 2am just chatting with my parents.
Thursday morning we headed to OhioPyle National Park.  We were probably the only people up there, but we still went on a hike in the heavy rainfall, and ate at the most delicious little sandwich shop.  That afternoon, we had Johnny show my parents around the WVU facilities, including the hospital. 
My dad had a dental conference Friday morning, so mom and I got to go shopping.  I took her to the infamous Gabe's, which is a just have to look kind of hard.  We then had a lovely lunch of talking and eating the most delicious french fries at Chiles.  In the afternoon, Johnny had finished his tests and my dad's conference was over.  We then visiting a Morgantown local restaurant and ate the infamous pizza known as 'Fire on the Mountain-' IT WAS AMAZING!
Saturday we ate a good breakfast.  Johnny and my dad went golfing (both were wearing parkas and gloves.)  Then we showed them what Morgantown is all about by taking them to a WVU football game.

Sadly, the Mountaineers lost by one, but it made for a good game.  It was extremely cold, but we were surrounded by so many 'spirited' fans it didn't seem that cold.  The traffic was crazy so we decided just to walk up the street from our apartment to Applebees. 

Sunday was church and a historical visit to Friendship Hill.  We toured the old house and then went on a short hike on one of the many trails surrounding the house, due to the extreme cold.  My parents left that evening.  I love when people come to visit!

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