Sunday, December 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

Cena Family-John, me Sophia, Lilliana, Ashley, Alfonzo, Emma
This year for Thanksgiving, Johnny and I decided to stay in Morgantown and not venture down to the North Carolina beach like last year.  In the morning, I went running and John played ward football.  The day was so beautiful, we decided to play a little singles tennis prior to our Thanksgiving feast.  Our wonderful friends the Cena's invited us over, along with a few other families.  The food was outstanding and there was plenty of it.  I think my favorite had to be the artichoke dip with cheese...I could not stop eating it.  The pumpkin pie, of course was divine, as was the turkey.

Friday afternoon we took a short trip to Washington DC.  We were both wanting to attend the temple and did.  We then turned John's subaru into a 'luxurious' place to sleep:)  We had previously removed the mattress off of our futon and put down the seats to create quite a large sleeping space.  Johnny had then put together a delicious dinner of turkey sandwiches, vegetables, and fruit.  We ate a 'picnic' dinner then got ready for bed and watched Home Alone on the laptop.  We parked in the neighborhood surrounding the temple and actually had a beautiful view of the temple.  It was so cold, the windows fogged up fast enough, so no one would notice two people watching a movie in the back of the car.  Overall, it was quite an adventure!

outside National Cathedral
Saturday morning we met up with our friend Mike Barber and went to Arlington Cemetery.  I learned that a descendent of George Washington married Robert E. Lee, the famous general in the Confederate Army.  Arlington Cemetery had a somber feel and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was fascinating.  I was starving, so we headed to a restaurant I had been craving for months- Cafe Rio.  After that, we went to the National Cathedral and were able to see a great view of DC from the top.  Our trip would not be complete without going to National Botanical Gardens.  The giant greenhouse had plants of every species and smelled amazing.  I felt like I was a character in the movie 'Jumanji' when the entire house is over-run with plant life.  Overall, it was a successful trip and always good to meet up with old friends.
John trying to blend in with his surroundings

'No shave November' both trying to grow beards

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