Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bridge Day and the Tooth Fairy

So...I had to convince John to drive 2 hours south to visit the New River Gorge for the infamous 'Bridge Day.'  We had never been to New River Gorge and actually hope to return to white-water raft and zip line, but our single purpose for going was to watch individuals base jump on a built structure.
Basically, 'Bridge Day' consists of hundreds of people standing on the New River Gorge bridge watching insanely brave (or stupid) people jump of a platform.  John and I slowly worked our way closer and closer to the platform to get front-row seats.
I learned you had to have jumped at least 1000 times to be considered a good enough base jumper on bridge day.  After a while of watching, John and I, began to notice the more experienced jumpers from the less experienced jumpers.  Those who seemed less experienced (or smarter in my opinion) jumped off holding their folded up parachute so all they had to do was let it go at the right moment.  Other, more experienced jumpers, waited until the possible last second to open their parachute.
I was standing next to a nice old woman who kept saying, 'oh, he is not going to make it,' or 'yep he is hitting the rock,' encouraging things like that:)  I will have to admit that the jumpers who opened their chute at the last possible moment, or did flips and gainers off the platform were more fun to watch.
After bridge day, John made me promise to one day base jump with him.  I told him if I get really old and am on my death bed, I will go base jumping.  Most likely in my nightgown:)

This is the beautiful rainbow we saw on our way home from New River Gorge

On to Halloween!  We had to chance to attend a 'Harry Potter Halloween.'  I tried to make the famous bread spider my mom uses creates for the Squires Halloween Fondue Dinner, and I must say he worked out pretty well.  Unfortunately, I remembered to get a picture mid-dinner, so some of the legs had already been amputated.  For costumes, I deliberated for a couple days as to what to be.  John just commented with no spandex or tight attire.  In the end, I was the tooth fairy and he was a molar.  I thought our costume very original and clever (mostly because of my profession.)  However, there was another tooth fairy in attendance at the party and her spouse was a toothbrush.  All in all it was a 'magical' party filled with spells, trivia, and really good English food.   


  1. I've been there! So cool that you and John or living where I served! Too bad I never served in Morgantown because then I could really feel reminiscent when reading your blog. Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi John & Katie!! I'm happy I found your blog! Just stole some super cute pictures for the calendar--hope that's ok! Looks like you guys are having a great time. xo