Sunday, September 9, 2012


Now that we are starting our second year of med school, we are finally starting to get some visitors.  My siostra, Sarah, came out to visit for Labor Day weekend.  The original plan was white water rafting, but after finding out she was pregnant, that was not an option.  Sarah's West Virginia adventure began with shopping at the beloved Gabe's.  A store very similar to "TJ Maxx," but cheaper.  We then hiked around Cooper's Rock and went to the look out with Johnny, once he had completed his test.

The overlook was beautiful.  You don't know it, but Johnny and I are standing on a fallen tree about 10 feet off the ground.  I was a little nervous, but John was very calm.  That evening we took Sarah to the Morgantown Brewery.  The food was amazing!  Sarah ordered some delicious 'Fish and Chips' which was exactly what the baby was craving.  She had felt sick a little earlier, but the greasy food for some reason calmed her stomach.
Saturday morning began with loud music around 7:30 am.  There was a WVU football game and Sarah got to experience first hand the tail-gating atmosphere.  We then went on a 6 mile walk on the rail-trails.  Next we ventured to Laural Caverns in PA.  (fyi caverns is not the plural for caves).  We had a very 'enthusiastic' tour guide.  Our evening ended with a swim in Cheat Lake.  John jumped out of a tree about 40 feet in the air and I went off the rope swing and almost forgot to let go.  Sarah enjoyed a relaxing swim and then John and I pulled her around on the floaty.
Sunday consisted of church, Sarah subbed for Primary.  In our ward we really like to put our visitors to work:)  Then dinner, relaxing and game-night with the neighbors.
Labor Day came too quickly which meant Sarah was going home.  We drove to Pittsburgh, stopping at Rita's so Sarah could experience "tasty sensation."

We then went shopping on the 'strip district.'  There were several shops and fruit stand along the way.  Sarah and decided to purchase matching belts.  Next was lunch and Primanti Brothers.  A famous restaurant in Pittsburgh.  The sandwich consisted of sourdough bread, cole slaw, french fries, vinegar and tomatoes.  At first glance it may not look like much, but Sarah and I barely spoke a word as we devoured our sandwiches.

Lastly, we road up the trolley cart on the hillside to a beautiful view of Pittsburgh.  From an aerial view, Pittsburgh is a very stunning city with all the steal bridges and Ohio River.

We ended the day with a walk.  Then sat in a park and chatted for a few hours.  As I drove Sarah to the airport, I tried to keep my emotions at bay, but couldn't.  As I hugged her and said good-bye, I started to cry.  I decided I hate good-byes.  Thanks for coming Siostra, I sure do love ya!

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