Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fun to be One!

Lucy Snow is finally one!

Lucy was so excited on her birthday!  She loved is when we sang to her.  It was a pretty mellow day.  She got muffins for her birthday and all the yogurt she wanted (she loves yogurt).  She kept clapping every time she saw her purple balloons.  Lucy is so full of life and her favorite words are 'dada' and 'hi.'
The weekend before the big birthday day which was June 10th, we threw Lucy a little birthday bash with some of our Morgantown friends.

 The party was at Cooper's Rock state park, one of our very favorite places.  Johnny, Lucy, and I got there a little earlier and did some rock climbing, then started to set up.  My friend helped me to make Lucy's 'smash cake.'  I used a chocolate candy shell to make the base of the cupcake look like the wrapper.  Again, she loved the 'Happy Birthday' song, but only put her hand in the cake for a second and licked some of the ice cream.  She initially circled the cake a couple times curious as to what it was.  We tried to give her a chunk of the cake in hopes she would then devour it....but the actually 'smashing' of the cake was very anti-climatic.

We ate lots of hotdogs and s'mores.  Everyone invited brought food too, so we had a delicious feast.  There was pasta salad, watermelon, cookies, chips, pop, veggies, cupcakes and salad.  The kids loved running around all over the place.  Lucy joined them for a while, but she started eating dirt and twigs and leaves, she had to enjoy the few from riding on her dad's back.  All in all it was a really fun party.  Lucy was all tuckered out afterwards and fell asleep about five minutes into the drive home.

 The next day after the party, we tried giving Lucy the 'smash cake' again.  I think it helped that she was in her high chair and there was not an audience watching her eating.  After several investigatory tastes and squishing a lot of frosting between her fingers, Lucy started to devour the cake.

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