Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby Lucy is growing...

A lot has happened since January...John and I are trying to decide what medical specialty to pursue.  John has enjoyed third year of medical school immensely.  He likes the rotations being in the hospital.  Granted there are some rotations which have bad hours and crazy schedules, but it is good he gets to experience everything.
I have just been enjoying this stage of Lucy's life.  Each stage has been fun, but since six months she is so much more active.  At about eight and a half months she started crawling.  At first, Lucy would expend a lot more energy moving horizontally, but she eventually made progress moving forward and now is extremely fast.  She can do the stairs in our apartment very quickly and doesn't realize that stopping and trying to sit equals falling.  Lately, she has been trying to stand up on about everything and walk around an entire room.  Lucy no longer enjoys sitting still.

Lucy LOVES her bookshelf.  I let her pull out all the books and she thinks she is very sneaky.  However, usually in the evening I will re-shelf the bookshelf (not sure why I do this because she just pulls them out the next morning).  Lucy also loves cards.  She loves to bend, fold, chew, tear and throw cards.  All in all she is an extremely happy baby with A LOT of energy, but I love that about her.

Lucy has come to enjoy eating as well...for about the first ten minutes.  After that, she gets bored and I have to entertain while trying to feed.  It is a process, but slowly feeding times are getting shorter.  Her favorite food is yogurt.  Our favorite activities together are running and reading.  Lucy is getting extremely fast at flipping the pages and can go through several board books in fifteen minutes.

Thankfully, spring has finally arrived in Morgantown and we are looking forward to days at the park, swimming, outdoor runs and picnics with dad!


  1. Mason has to be entertained while he eats too! So glad I'm not alone ;) She sure is a cutie!