Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rita's Water Ice and more...

Well if you didn't already know I have a big love of ice cream.  There is a new ice cream place which has recently opened here in Morgantown called Rita's.  They make a delicious concoction called a gelati.  It is composed of three layers-custard, smoothie, custard.  It is honestly one of the most satisfying tastes to my taste buds.  With the grand opening they gave away one free Rita's, a week, for an entire year.  Therefore, my friend Summer and I arrived at Rita's, located inside a gas station, at 7am to wait for the 10am opening.   Around 9am we were joined by our friends Mollie and Havalah.  They were numbers 9 and 10 in line.  Summer and I realized quit quickly we didn't need to arrive quite so early, but had a great time talking and entertaining ourselves.
A much more exciting note, John's parents were called as mission Presidents for a brand new mission in L'viv, Ukraine.  It is located on the western part of Ukraine right next to Poland and the language is Ukrainian.  We are so excited for their upcoming adventure. 
I am about 28 weeks into my pregnancy!  Johnny and I are so excited to meet this little girl and are still having a very difficult time picking out a name, but luckily we still have a little time to decide.

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